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An L-plate is a square plate bearing a sans-serif letter L, for learner, which must be affixed to the front and back of a vehicle in many countries if its driver is a learner under instruction, or a motorcycle rider with provisional entitlement to ride restricted motorcycles.A little known change that occurred in NSW Laws in 2013 was to revert to the previous legislative approach of applying speed limits on learner drivers.

A late night driving restriction is only imposed if, at the time of the offence, you were under 25, and held a provisional .The minimum age for obtaining a learner licence is 16 years old. Q You must record these drives in a certified Queensland Transport logbook, and have them .

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Persons may apply for their Learner Licence at 16 years of age, passing a written Road Rules Test. Learners under.Question: Can a Learner Driver tow a caravan or a trailer? Answer: Yes they can – but they must ensure they have the L Plate on the back of the caravan or visible on the trailer.

Your keys to driving in Queensland is not just for learner drivers – it is important for everyone who uses the road, regardless of their level of experience, to read the book to update their knowledge of the road rules and road safety. The information in this guide is an interpretation of the rules applying to road use in Queensland. For the complete picture of the Queensland driver.Restrictions on learner drivers. After you pass your knowledge test and get your learner permit you must comply with the learner driver restrictions when driving. Learner permit restrictions. All car learner permit holder must: carry their learner permit card or receipt at all times while driving; display ‘L’ plates on the front and rear of the vehicle, visible from a distance of 20 metres.

  1. page 23 outlines the conditions for driving with a learner licence and helps you Late night driving restrictions, prohibiting you from driving between.Just to get this clear. There are no speed restrictions, other than the speed limit for Queensland learners driving in Queensland. But, if a NSW learner is driving in Queensland he is still bound by the 80km/h restrictions.

  2. Apr 2, 2018 To obtain a Queensland Learner Licence you must be at least 16 years of age and pass the Driver Knowledge Test. Your learner licence.Restrictions, such as no late night driving, apply for disqualified and suspended young drivers. Instructions for getting a licence (from learner to open), and advice for supervising a learner driver are included in this website. Please contact us for more information about licensing laws and regulations. * * * * * Last updated.

  3. A car manufactured on or after this date is a high-powered vehicle if it has: a power-to-weight ratio of more than 130kW/t an engine modification that must be approved under section 13 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Vehicle Standards and Safety) Regulation.Learner Licence Details (L Plates) Prerequisites: To get your learner car licence you must pass the Written Road Rules Test. The resources on this site should help you achieve.

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It's important that you understand the restrictions on learners and P1 and P2 drivers so you don't get fined or worse, lose your licence. A reminder of some driver restrictions P1 drivers and provisional motorcycle riders will have their licence suspended for at least 3 months for ANY speeding offence.motorbike learners will be required to hold a car provisional licence for 12 months prior to gaining a motorbike learner licence introduction of a two-phased P1 and P2 provisional licence system.

The supervisor must have car insurance to drive the learner driver’s car, and vice versa if the learner driver is driving the supervisor’s car. The Car As with any other vehicle used on the roads, cars used for teaching learner drivers must be taxed and have a valid.Aug 24, 2017 In July 2007 the Queensland Government introduced the graduated licensing Learner drivers under 25 years of age must gain 100 hours.