A Lyft driver who doctors say may never fully recover after he was viciously attacked by a biker gang on a San Francisco highway has spoken out from his hospital.On September 29, 2013, motorist Alexian Lien was assaulted while driving on the Henry The video shows many of the bikers gathering around the Range Rover driven by Lien. "And as they're around my car, I feel it being hit, being kicked", .

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Biker Christopher Cruz, who has already taken a plea deal in the case, began brake checking Lien’s SUV. “I’m starting to get really scared,” the father said in court.Two of the bikers are now in court under assault charges, one of them an undercover NYPD cop. The trial is expected to conclude in early to mid-June. The trial is expected to conclude in early.

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New York City, NY - New York police say a driver was assaulted by bikers, while his wife and child looked on. Prior to the attack, police say the group surrounded the family's SUV and followed them around the city. The entire thing was captured on video and has since been posted to YouTube.May 21, 2015 Good Samaritan Testifies About Biker Attack On SUV Driver Undercover detective and biker Wojciech Braszczok is on trial for gang assault, .

  1. Aug 7, 2015 Ex-NYPD undercover cop gets 2 years in bikers' attack on SUV driver bikers and the driver of an SUV in New York has been sentenced to two years was acquitted in June on the charge of gang assault in the first degree, .Biker gang DID try to grab tech exec's wife as they brutally beat SUV driver after chase through Manhattan, reveals hero who intervened Sergio Consuegra, the man who stopped six bikers.

  2. Jul 1, 2015 Man Sentenced for Role in Biker Assault on Manhattan SUV Driver Unwitting Hero Testifies in NYC Biker Gang Assault Trial (May 21, 2015) .The true story of the viral video of an SUV knocking down several bikers in a gang has unfolded.

  3. NYC Motorcycle Gang Assaults SUV Driver September 29, 2013 Alexian Lien was celebrating his second anniversary with his wife and baby girl in his Range Rover when he was stopped by a group of motorcycles who executed a "brake check".Aug 6, 2015 A state judge sentenced the last of the motorcyclists convicted of attacking a driver in Upper Manhattan to three and a half years in prison.

Victim of biker gang attack on SF highway IDd as ride share driver Up to 15 men on dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles were being sought by police Thursday after they surrounded a car on Highway.Aug 5, 2015 He had been accused of participating in the pursuit of SUV driver Alexian in his attempt to flee, Wiley said the bikers "coalesced into a gang.".

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A biker gang chased a family for more than six minutes so they could rip the driver from the SUV and beat him with their helmets.Jun 9, 2015 But a State Supreme Court judge in Manhattan acquitted the two men of the But he rejected the most serious charges, gang assault and first-degree Nine other bikers had pleaded guilty to second-degree assault for their .