Ideal for both magnetizing and demagnetizing metal or steel tools, especially screwdrivers. Simply place the metal or steel portion of the tool you would.

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Dropping screws on the job can kill your productivity. With Klein Tools' magnetizer, quickly and easily magnetize your screwdrivers and bits to hold your .

Tape the screwdriver down so the tip points to magnetic north. Strike it with the hammer many times. This jostles the magnetic domains enough to line up with the earth's magnetic field. The screwdriver will become less magnetic over time. Dropping the screwdriver or hitting things with it will demagnetize it more quickly.

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  1. Example C kind of explains the stair-step structure of the demagnetizer: Just the correct reduced magnitude of a reversed field strength will theoretically demagnetize the screwdriver. ps. I would wordsmith my explanation, but I'm late for an appointment with the coast.

  2. Just slip your screwdriver blade (or any steel item) through the opening to magnetize or demagnetize. A great way to hold those hard-to-start mini screws. A great way to hold those hard-to-start.

  3. Magnetizer/Demagnetizer, leave the magnetizer on the tool for extra magnetic strength. To demagnetize, pass the tool through one of the exterior channels. To demagnetize, pass the tool through one of the exterior channels.

The MASTER MAGNETICS Screwdriver magnetizer and demagnetizer allow the user to quickly and easily magnetize small tools and screwdrivers so they .

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You are free to choose your own case, so you're free to make it how do you like. You can see in the third image the color of case before painting in black. I make the panels from keyboard's.