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Oct 19, 2011 Im wondering if anyone has tried out fifa 12 on the mac using the ps3 I know ps3 drivers exist , i've used my ps3 controller before but i've AddMap PC_CONTROL_BUTTON13 VB_FE_Y Also, Gamepad Companion works great for games that don't have 7 Tips Most iPhone Owners Won't.Solved: Hi all, I have a problem with my controllers on PC with Fifa 17. I tried two different controllers, and same thing is a problem. but many games allow you to configure inputs in-game. DirectInput mode lets the gamepad communicate with the drivers on many such systems. Message 8 of 13 Controller problem on PC. Options.

Ok, i'm playing Fifa 15 on PC with a gamepad ( A LowClick Unique Design Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller ) And I'm having problems, well first of all I couldn't use the Right Stick of the controller and after doing some research I fixed it ( Problem has been around since Fifa 13 apparently, how is it not fixed? ) but I have come across.PC Gaming. Commerce. EA shows off smart Wii U GamePad tricks for FIFA 13 and Mass Effect 3 (preview) this allows one person to play on the GamePad (FIFA 13 currently supports.

  1. Gamepad for FIFA 16 PC submitted 3 years ago by GosuGamerL. Hello, guys. Can anyone recommend me a gamepad which suits FIFA 16 on PC the best? THis is gonna be my first ever gamepad since i stopped playing fifa around 5 years ago when they changed the control types so that they became hardly playable on keyboard. Anyway, I decided.It is such a pain to get the drivers working and the Bluetooth connected. [Tutorial]-How To Use a Normal PC Gamepad as an Xbox 360 .

  2. FIFA 13 system requirements, FIFA 13 minimum requirements and recommended Single System Multiplayer: 2-5 players on 1 PC. Network: Recommended peripheral: Keyboard, Mouse, Dual Analogue gamepad, VOIP Headset Try update Drivers pls tell me can i play fifa 13? help any tricks or software installed.hi i am looking forward to buying a new gamepad for playing fifa 13,i play it is not good for doing skill moves specially roulette,analog sticks are not c. uses xinput1_3 then its likley you will have to use a hacked dll driver.

  3. how to use usb controller on pc games "Fifa 14" (gamepad) Mohamed Dhifallah. of any Gamepad for FIFA 14/15/16/17/18 ! - Duration: 2:47. Randomlly FIFA 13/14 All Skills Tutorial.As you want to play FIFA 14 on keyboard, so your fingers have to be very fast. But before telling you any tricks about the game, I want you to make these changes in the control Buy the Enter one only, it's drivers work properly with new version of Windows. How do I enable vibration on a gamepad.

Best gamepad for PC Fifa 14. DavidJunior Dec 31 solved how to fix fifa 14 lag on best pc; Best Gamepad for FIFA 13; I have a dilong pu 401 and it works.I own FIFA 13 ( Original ) on PC. I want to buy a gamepad (mainly for FIFA of course ) I'm confused between Microsoft Wired Controller, Logitech Rumble F510 Thrustmaster.

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You can try using the x360ce controller emulator with your gamepad. an Xbox 360 controller is possible with a driver provided by MotionJoy.FIFA 13 is finally here, with more than enough subtle changes to give even hardened players something of a learning curve. As well as new first-touch and improved AI systems, EA Sports has served up a host of tricks and skills. Check out how to do them all, with our FIFA 13 tricks guide below.