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Product 1 - 800 Embroidery machine accessories such as hoops, hooping devices, cape frames, cap gauges, embroidery machine parts for melco embroidery .

Both the cap frames and the micro clamps utilize the Wide Angle Driver. You must ALWAYS select the proper cap frame hoop in AMAYA OS when sewing with .

Product 1 - 800 Red wide angle cap frame driver used with Melco Embroidery Machines: Amaya XT, XTS, Bravo, and EMT16 and EMT16Plus .

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Product 1 - 800 Melco cap frame strap. CAP FRAME STRAP, WIDE ANGLE 15 1/2 inches Replacement strap for Red Driver wide angle cap frame. Fits cap .

Dec 19, 2018 NEW 12.19.18: This video details the complete setup process. View on Facebook or YouTube. You can also review the document below.

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