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If you often play PSP games with fiends the Game Sharing makes this a Driver 76 is a fairly decent chunk of big-screen cool, crow-barred nicely into the sleek .

  • Apr 15, 2008 For Driver '76 on the PSP, a reader review titled "A passable free roam driving to the substantially smaller fictional cities in the GTA games.

  • Download Driver 76 ROM for Playstation Portable(PSP ISOs) and Play Driver 76 Video Game on your PC, Mac, We also recommend you to try this games.

  • Driver 76 psp iso apk android for ppsspp cheats rom cso free download working on mobile and pc,A prequel to Driver: Parallel Lines (set two years before the events of the console game), Driver 76 features all-new content with new missions exclusively designed for gaming.

  • Driver '76 is a video game for the PlayStation Portable, which was released on 8 May 2007 in the US, and on 11 May 2007 in the EU. The game is a prequel to Driver: Parallel Lines, and is set two years prior. It is the first and only game in the Driver series for the PSP. Stevens, Tim (18 June 2007). "Driver '76". X-Play. Archived from the original .

  • Having transformed its free-roaming motoring franchise into a Driv3r-shaped car crash of almost epic proportions, Atari attempted to put things straight with last year's Parallel Lines.

Driver 76 takes the series back to two years before the action of Driver: Parallel Lines begins. It's not an easy job, driving through America's underworld, but someone.

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Owning a PSP 1000 I decided to give Driver 76 a go as I am a big Driver 1 2 games on the PS1. This psp game is a portable version reasembling Driver Paralel Lines which I played.

  1. Driver 76 is an action driving game that features Hollywood-style car chases while also letting the player experience the open environment.

  2. A passable free roam driving game, but when you have far superior alternatives, why bother? Driver was never about free roaming and on-foot action until Driv3r, after Grand Theft Auto made that sort of thing.

  3. The game comes rammed full of multiplayer modes that make use of the PSP's wireless functionality, including Street Racing, Destruction Derby, Pink Slip Racing and Swap Meet. Driver 76 also makes use of the PSP's wireless technology to offer up downloadable content such as new paint.

May 8, 2007 Metacritic Game Reviews, Driver '76 for PSP, Faithful to the brand spirit, Sure, Driver '76 isn't the end-all-be-all of PSP racing games, but you can't Control's are spot on, 70's music is sweet.

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Faithful to the brand spirit, Driver '76 is an action driving game that features Hollywood-style car chases while also letting the player experience the open environment.