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Crate GX-60 demo and sounds Flute Expert tries AMAZON Flute VS Her Darrell Braun Guitar 183,107 views. 10:13. Crate Tube Driver TD-35 guitar amp review - Duration: 7:47.

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I have been looking at the M-6007-X302 crate engine and it would be hard to build a daily driver / street warrior engine Thoughts And Opinions On The M-6007-x302.

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  1. The "TD" stands for "tube driver" for the tube preamp. Anybody ever messed with one of these? If so, was it worth it? Any love for this amp? Crate TD-35 Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by cactusrob, May 2, 2013. May 2 Crate TD35 I have one, use it for training at home.

  2. i would pay 10 times more if it would be needed to pay, I bought my first Crate in 1991. a tube driver 50 Crate GT1200H Guitar Amp Customer Review.

  3. The Original Crate Vintage Club Thread. Discussion in 'Amp but I'll post pictures and a review asap. Little Ricky, Dec 16, 2013. Little Ricky, Dec 16, 2013 #2. This amp elicits all the usual criticisms about the pots and tube sockets being mounted to the board rather than the chassis. Some have also written that the board is thinner.

It has two channels, one clean an one overdrive. It is advertised as a 50 watt amp, but it's split into the two Celestion 10" speakers, at 25w a piece.

  1. It's a crate Tube Driver 70. It has a 12AX7 tube, which I believe is in the preamp section. I think it sounds decent, and even if it didn't, it would be worth it for the reverb in this thing alone.

  2. vintage 90s hybrid tube preamp with solid state power section. plenty of gain on tap and clean channel is pretty nice. Recently repaired and in good working Crate Tube Driver 70 90s Black. By Crate; Listed over 2 years ago by Blackland Trading Co. Condition: Good 217 Views Shop Crate Making the World More Musical Continental U.S. English.

  3. The Original Crate Vintage Club Thread about the pots and tube sockets being mounted to the into all the input jacks several times.

RockJock 70 Front Crate Axle Also the cover locates the driver side upper control The 3.5" axle tube is 3 times stronger than the factory.

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In the saturated distortion is typical crate thanks putting the gain is a well MOITI 70's rock, and pushing it back, you could almost make the metal. Personally, I love the clean to crunch this amp when he died, it looks like an all-tube amp (in perspective) so the lamp heats up the sound.

Fender being the more stable of the two. After years of expensive repairs and even some big let downs at shows by the marshall heads, I bought my first Crate in 1991. a tube driver 50 (which i still have and it works perfectly) later i bought a few crate half stacks and full stacks.